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RE: Why more Sheathing than in Zone 4???????

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As an interested spectator who has studied the issue on my own time, the plywood "issue" is considerably more complicated than "Uncle just bought all the available plywood".....  There have been some excellent articles in USA Today, local papers, on-line et cetera.
Now I have to give my disclaimer:
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One reason you see houses fully sheathed in plywood is cost.  A fairly short time ago 3/8" plywood cost less (installed) than 5/8" type X gypsum sheathing.  A few years ago I designed an apartment complex in Kansas City using gypsum shear walls (exterior and interior), then the contractor decided to sheathe the exterior entirely with plywood.
That's not the case any more - since our favorite Uncle just bought all the available plywood to rebuilt Iraq, prices have skyrocketed.
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