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Re: seaint Digest for 29 Sep 2003

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Several months ago I contacted PCA with a question about these provisions and was put in contact with Dr. Ronald Cook, the author of the provisions.  As it turned out in my case the shear limitations were not applicable so I did not get an answer to your question.  I recommend that you contact Basile G. Rabbat at brabbat(--nospam--at) with your question.  If he cannot answer it I expect that he will
forward it to Dr. Cook.  In my case I received an answer within 24 hours.  I would be interested to know what errata you received as well as any answer you recieve from PCA/Dr. Cook.

Adam Vakiener, PE

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>I seem to remember someone mentioning this a while back regarding PCA, =
>but I cannot search the archives now for some reason.
>Specifically, embed bolts or headed studs in shear, there is an issue =
>with edge distance. One part of the equation gets reduced due to =
>increased edge distance. In PCA/ACI 02 Appendix, this is the Avo factor. =
>In the new 5th edition PCI this is the de factor (edge distance) which =
>when it increases it decreases your reduction factors for shear, Cw, Ct =
>and Cc.=20
>Bottom line, it does not seem like you get the correct amount of =
>increased shear by increasing the edge distance. There is just not =
>enough return on the increased edge distance. Anyone familiar with =
>either source will know what I am talking about if you have ever played =
>around with the numbers or tried to design something in shear. I would =
>go into more detail with my question but it is kind of complicated. But =
>basically if you are curious, set up an equation in either source and =
>increase your edge distance and see what happens. Is there an erratta =
>for either source that straightens out this issue? I have some erratta =
>for PCA and we just requested it for PCI.
>Thanks in advance, and it is good to be back on the list. I just =
>switched firms (for the first time in my career) and it took me a while =
>to get set up here..
>Andrew Kester, EI
>Longwood, FL

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