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Re: Strap Bracing for Metal Stud Wall

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If you're going to be doing detailed cold-formed design, I'd recommend
getting the "Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual" from AISI.  It's the cold-form
equivalent to the AISC Steel manual with chapters on typical sizes, beam
action, column action, specifications, etc.  It's a dual ASD and LRFD

What you're designing is tension-only bracing using cold-formed steel
instead of rolled steel.  It's covered in the Steel chapter of the IBC, and
has almost no design similarity to panelized shear walls (different R
values, different load paths, etc.).  Basically, you size the straps using
LRFD or ASD, then size the connection at the end using screws or welds.
Connect the strap to each stud to help with your L/r ratio.

Either 33 or 50 ksi steel is available in variable widths and gages for the

Clark / Delta has an excellent (free) product manual with lots of tables,
including weld and screw values, at

Other decent product manuals can be obtained from Marino/Ware
( or Dietrich (  Mostly this
depends on who is the favorite supplier closest to your project site.

For alternatives to strap bracing, you can use the Hardy wall or internal
rod bracing from "The Steel Network" (  The Steel
Network people also have a really good connection products manual.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
816-444-9655 (FAX)

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