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Re: Butt-welding a gap

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I assume you mean B-U4a-GF in which case the root opening is limited to a maximum of 3/8 inch for a groove angle of 30 degrees.  Also note that for this root opening and angle it can only be done in the flat position to be prequalified.  AND for a little trivia there is no such thing as a "butt-weld" per AWS only "butt-joints".

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Michael Bryson" <mbryson(--nospam--at)>

10/02/2003 04:27 PM

Please respond to

Butt-welding a gap

I am reviewing a welding procedure to "fill-in" a gap for a beam flange
moment connection. The gap is about 2" and it will filled in as a
butt-weld. They are claiming this is a pre-qualified weld (BU-4a-GF),
but I'm not sure that is correct.

I am wondering if some time should be allowed between passes to allow
the weld to cool? I can't find anything in the AWS for this.

(Note the connection is NOT for a seismic application.)


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