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RE: Fibermesh Topping Slab

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And, if not well dispersed in the mix, will appear that the slab was given a 
light broom finish with a push broom that had the fibers falling out.  Not 
aesthetically pleasing!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structurally)
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Allen wrote:

. > Brian-

. > I am by no means an expert on slabs (or anything else for that matter).
. > However, the only thing I can recall about fiber reinforcing is that it
. > reduces the spider cracking that occurs when a slab cures too quickly.
. > It definitely does not replace structural reinforcing nor will it
. > substitute for temperature and shrinkage reinforcement. It will not
. > reduce crack widths when (not if) the slab cracks.

. > If the contractor wants to use fiber reinforcing to use a more
. > expeditious curing methodology, this might make sense. But, by no means
. > should fiber reinforcement be a replacement for WWF or other (steel)
. > structural reinforcement.

. > I'm sure there are others on this list who know much more about slabs
. > than I do, but that is my opinion.

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