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Gaps in the annular space

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IS there anyone who can give a reply to this problem we have with a contractor in the jobsite?

Project : Reparation of piles(of a bridge over the sea) in prestressed concrete. Height = 19 m (6'3)

Principal of reparation : covering the pile with a steel jacket 5 mm of thickness and injection of cement grout in the annular space between the pile and the jacket.

Problem : Detection of too much gaps (while knocking the jacket) in the annular space and injection of SIKAfloor 94 LP to fill the gaps, but in vain!!!!

Problem with the contractor : this one wanna to know what is the percentage of gaps (according to the area of the jacket) we can allow without injection, because too much gaps mean simply deterioting the steel jacket and cancel the principal aim of this jacket : protection against corrosion.

Thanks in advance.

Project Manager, SE,

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