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Re: seaint Digest for 5 Oct 2003

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I had a similar problem.
I proposed making the beam slightly skew in plan so
that the beam framed into the column without an
The EOR accepted this proposal.

You could try it out too.

The alternative is messy.
Butt weld one more W12x72 column about 2' long to the
existing W12x72 column like this in the plan


Provide a top and bottom sealing cap plate.
You will now locally have a wide flange which
accommodates this offset.
Then proceed with the usual moment connection detail.
I don't like this connection but it may work.
The academicians will frown.
But your contractor will smile.
Do take the precaution to get it approved before
I would like to hear from others too if there are
better suggestions.
Do let us know what you finally did.

G Vishwanath
Bangalore , India

From: CanitzCF(--nospam--at)
Subject: Offset Moment Connection
To: seaint(--nospam--at)

A structural steel fabricator/erector has requested
advice from me for 
following issue. The SOR for a contract the erector is
working on is 
him to provide a full moment capacity moment
connection for a W21x57 
beam to 
W12x72 column connection. All steel is 50 ksi. The
beam frames into the 
flange. The issue is the beam is offset 7 3/4" from
the column 
centerline. Is 
a moment connection possible with this amount of

Charlie Canitz, PE
Annapolis, MD

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