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RE: Contact loads from moving loads

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Check out "Designing for Impact Loads", section 2.8 of Design of Welded
Structures, Blodgett.  There are some good examples in this section.

This is a valuable book and is available from Lincoln Arc Welding for about

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Subject: Contact loads from moving loads

Gentlemen and ladies of this fine list,

I know I am taking you California engineers away from the election this
evening, but I need to ask a question that I am not too familiar with.  I
have a situation where a 6200# log is moving along a support driven by
chains.  The log will contact a stop mechanism which is supposed to stop the
log.  The log will be moving at 200 ft/min.  I need to calculate the force
on the stop.  Can you give me any help or send me to a reference that I hope
I have that may explain what I need to do.  I have been looking at a 25 year
old dynamics book from college, but to be honest it isn't helping me very
much.  It is a little late this evening, but I need to get going on it in
the morning.  I can scratch out some numbers which I think will be pretty
conservative, but would like some other input if I can get it.  The stop
mechanism needs to be designed after the force is determined.

Joseph R. Grill

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