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Mold Remediation

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I was asked to look at an existing office building.  It is 10 stories
tall with a basement.  Mold was found in the basement and has been
removed.  It is from slow, occasional leaks of groundwater into the
building during severe storms.  The water table is high.  There are at
least 2 massive sump pump pits to keep the ground water out.  Prior
construction had a metal stud wall in front of the concrete foundation
wall.  Moisture accumulated in the cavity and mold grew in two isolated

The owner called me, a structural engineer, to help solve the problem. 
There is not much I can do.  I said I would investigate special
consultants to solve foundation leaks and mold.   Are there special
consultants that deal with foundation leakage and mold, etc.?  This
project is located in NE Texas.

Second question is that we are kicking around solutions.  The owner
doesn't want to dig up the exterior perimeter, reapply water proofing,
and backfill.  Could some kind of venting system be put in place that
blew dry air into the cavity between the studs and the concrete wall to
dry up the water as soon as it comes in?

Any insight in this would be appreciated.



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