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Re: Mold Remediation

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Wednesday, October 8, 2003, 1:38:38 PM, you wrote:

rl> Second question is that we are kicking around solutions.  The owner
rl> doesn't want to dig up the exterior perimeter, reapply water proofing,
rl> and backfill.  Could some kind of venting system be put in place that
rl> blew dry air into the cavity between the studs and the concrete wall to
rl> dry up the water as soon as it comes in?

Somewhere  in  an  magazine article or website I remember reading about
creating  provision  for  a  basement perimeter drain at the _interior_
side  of  the  wall.  I'm  at  work,  or I'd do some "googling" for the
article  or  website, but I feel guilty enough as it is reading nonwork
related e-mail. :-).

Best regards,
Mike Jones

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