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Re: Posting Live Load

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Charley Hamilton wrote:

. > Richard -

. > Is this some sort of assembly room which can be easily
. > posted in terms of occupancy (e.g. limit 100 persons)?
. > Otherwise, I think Davis is right.  It will be nearly
. > impossible to convey the real meaning to the occupants.
. > Especially if the load limit is vey low.

. > What's the motivation for going lower than the code
. > minimum?

. > Charley

I believe that the posting of live loads is more for building management and 
tenants than for anything else.  It tells tenants and management what 
occupancy each part of the building can be used for and where exit corridors 
must be located.  Live load limits do not limit the number of people that can 
be in a room/area.

Occupant load is for determining the number of exits required and the widths 
required of the exits and does not limit the number (nor the weight) of 
people in a room/area.

On the other hand, the fire code, which can use an entirely different 
formula, does limit the number of people in an area, but does not limit the 
live load and is the source of the number in the "This room cannot be 
occupied by more than ## persons" signs.  It is something that can be 

It is as clear as a foggy night!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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