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RE: Need help with Structural software

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CSI (Maker of SAP 2000, ETABS, SAFE) has these little movies you can watch on their website that show you how easy their Graphical User Interface is to build and analyze models. The movies are narrated and give a step by step approach for using the program. All their programs use this same GUI and it makes learning each program very easy. The hardest part about learning the CSI programs is that they have SO MANY different options and capabilities. For example, I have the non-linear version of Etabs and each pull down menu is at least half the screen tall with dialog boxes filled with options for nearly every command.


They are great and powerful programs. I thought RISA did a good job with their GUI, but CSI’s is much better IMHO. Within a few days you will be able to build a model and analyze it. After a month, you should be very comfortable with the program. I think that is an acceptable learning curve for most any company. The key is understanding the limitations of these programs (true with any matrix analysis/FEA software) and developing methods to check the results for accuracy.


STAAD is garbage IMHO, but I’m sure they have trial versions you could download.


CSI’s website is




Lodi, CA


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Dear SEAINT members,

          My name is Amr Hashem, I 'm a fresh graduated from faculty of Engineering - Civil Eng. Dept, Cairo University. This is my second year after graduating, and I'm currently applying for jobs in the "Steel Structures" field, especially that my graduation project was in that same field.

I really need any tutorials or tips for STAAD or SAP2000 because I need to learn alot more about such programs as soon as I can before applying to jobs. So if anyone has any tutorials that can be sent, or even internet addresses that I can access to, I would be very thankful.

                   Thank you in advance,

                                                      AMR HASHEM


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