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RE: Rigid Diaphragm for a L Shaped Building

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Title: RE: Rigid Diaphragm for a L Shaped Building

Depending on how the roof members are detailed the precaster may have assumed either a flexible or rigid diaphragm.  I would suggest that you first contact the manufacturer's engineer to determine what he assumed before you proceed.

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Subject: Rigid Diaphragm for a L Shaped Building

I am currently doing a design review check for a project that has a single
story L shaped building.  The roof diaphragm is made up of precast double
tees.  The designer has a beam across the re-entrant corner to carry the
vertical loads, but has not detailed the beam to act as a drag strut.  Now,
I know that for flexible diaphragms, this beam would act as a drag strut to
provide for compatible diaphragm deflections.  Is this required for a rigid
diaphragm?  My gut feeling is that the beam should be detailed to act as a
drag strut, because the diaphragm will still deflect, just not a much.
None of the books that I have show examples of a rigid diaphragm on an L
shaped building, just nice rectangular floor plans.  Any opinion on this is

--Kipp Martin
  MWH Americas
  Portland, Oregon

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