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RE: Plan Check (was Re: Rigid Wood Diaphragm?)

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		I agree with you all about how much I like having my
mistakes discovered while they are just on paper. Still, I have a different
perspective. As an engineer for a subcontractor, I submit my designs not to
the jurisdiction (though they usually go there for record) but to the
structural EOR. We submit calculations when we submit drawings, and because
we and the GC put the emphasis on drawing return so we can _meet the owner's
schedule_, the drawings often come back to us first. We start fabrication as
soon as we can after that. The owner's schedule has become ours, and we have
craftsmen that need to be kept busy and paid and newer projects are lined up
behind this one so the schedule may not slip. Even when the calculations
come back after fabrication, I appreciate marks on them. If the stamp is,
"Reviewed for design intent only," why did I have to submit at all?
		I get to fix my mistakes, mistakes of our fabrication plant,
mistakes of our erection crew and other subs' mistakes. Recently a plumber
asked to coredrill through a beam for a pipe that we had noted on the
plumbing plans and recommended routing around the beam when we submitted. No
other coordination occurred before we _had to pour our concrete to meet the
schedule_. We said ,"No, absolutely, not!" A couple of weeks later I got a
call from a very sheepish sounding GC superintendent asking if I could
review it because even though he knew not to coredrill, it had slipped his
mind. I have that coredrill sitting on my office floor so I could know
exactly what was cut out. 
		There are two nice aspects to all this. Since the plant
crews know we will work with them to find a way to fix their errors and the
field crews know the same, they are tolerant of ours, design or more often,
drafting. Also, we know what the crews like to do for repairs, and they have
they seen similar things before so they do very nice work. As someone with
his seal on the work, what more could I ask?
		EORs occasionally review our repairs, but usually by the
time of repairs, we specialty engineers have established a level of trust
with the EOR, so no extra burden is placed on them to take care of this
contractor's errors.
	Jim Getaz
	Precast Concrete Engineer
	Winchester, Virginia

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