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Avo wrt ACI 318 Appendix D

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I have asked this question before.  One time I think I sent it incorrectly or to the wrong place.  Another time the server went down - I hope this question was not the cause.  If somebody would take the time to set me straight on this I would really appreciate it.
Equation D-22 sets Avo as a function of C1.  Avo is also defined wrt an anchor remote from edges ( C1 approaches infinity).  Figure RD.6.2.1 (plan view) appears to require C2 to be equal to 1.5 x C1to eliminate the parallel edge influence on Avo.  The way I am reading this is that the C1 dimension for an isolated anchor would always be h/1.5 per D.6.2.4.
Example: C1 =20 feet, C2 = 20 feet.  C1 and C2 are both large but as C2 is not equal to 1.5xC1 or 30 feet, the full breakout cone , in  plan view, cannot be developed.  Also if the depth of the slab is not 30 feet, the slab bottom becomes the third influencing edge and D.6.2.4 or h/1.5 controls.
Except for this Avo business Appendix D appears pretty similar to Shipp and Hanginger (AISC 2nd qtr., 1983).
Thanks for any help, Jack Shapton