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Wanted: Old Pre-eng building standards Drawings and Books

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I am looking for those "old" binders full of standard drawings and
details that the metal system building manufacturers used to provide to
builders, consultants and architects.

Additionally, complete project drawing sets including "standard detail"
drawings are desireable. Erection manuals, manufacturing and material
standards, too. Basically any documentation that can be used to record a
company's practices in time and place.

I am particularly interested in the larger North American companies that
were bankrupted or swallowed into other companies but I'm looking for
any that exist(ed), anywhere.

American, Armco, Behlen, Behlen-Wickes, Butler, Kirby, MRM, Robertson,
Star, Steelway, Stran, Sun, Tiger, Westeel, etc. There's a million of

You may have them taking up precious storage space or you forgot that
they were sitting there and you have no use for them because you have
their CD, now. Heck, I'll even take the CDs and diskettes!

If you know a builder who has an archive, or a retired person who kept
the tools of their trade, please put me contact.

I can get current CDs from existing companies but I really want the
pre-CD materials.

Please respond by email with a description of your materials.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ad026(--nospam--at)> <>

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