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Re: Concrete Text Books

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I know it is very sad especially Professors Chuck Salmon and Professor Wang book and Professor Phil
Furguson book will not be updated to the 2002 ACI Code.
Professors Tom Paulay and Robert Park have not updated since 1975.
Professor Ed Nawy  book is a very good as well as Professor Nadim Hassoun book is also a very good
choice . Of course the PCA Note is an excellent choice. There may be some other authors but I
haven't used them other than professor Nawy and Professor Hassoun.

>>> THunt(--nospam--at) 10/21/2003 10:14:39 AM >>>
I was at an ACI seminar last week and sat next to the presenter, Richard 
Furlong, during lunch.  Richard is retired but teaches part time at the 
University of Texas, Austin.  Anyway he said that Mr. Salmon as in Wang 
and Salmon has also retired and that they will not be updating their 
Reinforced Concrete Design book to the 2002 ACI-318 code.  He also said 
the same was true for Furguson, Park and Paulay, and a couple of others. 
It will be sad not to see these classic text books updated anymore.

Which brings up the question; what notable concrete text books are going 
to continue on in the near future?  I was thinking of getting a new 
concrete book (mine are getting real old) and thought that one updated to 
the 2002 ACI code would be a good choice since this is referenced in the 
latest IBC and NFPA codes.  Any suggestions?

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

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