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RE: Plan Check from a plan reviewer

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The first three years I was in practice, I carried E & O insurance.  The 
fourth year, with no claims or potential claims pending, the premium doubled 
and I sat down and carefully read the policy, particularly the "exclusions" 
part and determined that I probably didn't have any coverage anyway and 
discontinued E & O insurance.

If a project comes up where E & O insurance is absolutely necessary, I would 
seek team project coverage for a specified number of years.  This provides 
the owner and the public with better protection than with ordinary E & O 
insurance which can be dropped at any time.  Most E & O insurance works on a 
"claims made" basis where the insurance must be in effect when the claim is 
made, not necessarily when the engineering is done although some require the 
coverage to be continuous from engineering to when the claim is made.

Lawyers are not going after someone where recovery is not possible.  
Bankruptcy and homestead laws prohibit someone from taking the clothes from 
your back, your tools of your trade, your non-luxury car, your house 
(providing your equity is below a certain amount), etc.  If worse comes to 
worse, before a judgement is issued you can move to Texas or Florida where 
homestead exemption laws are more liberal than in most other states.  (Isn't 
that what O. J. Simpson did?)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gerard Madden wrote:

. > As far as E&O insurance goes, it is expensive. But I need that
. > protection for my peace of mind and certain clients of mine cannot work
. > with me unless I carry it. Since I want to do more and more commercial
. > work, I would think this is a mandatory item for most clients in that
. > market.

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