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Re: Plan Check

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Title: Plan Check
In my opinion, a plan reviewer does not have authority to change stamped drawings.  Nor should a plan reviewer make comments on the fee arrangements.  If I was the architect  ( I am structural engineer) I would contact the building official and, number one, explain my first statement to both he/she and you.  Number two, there is a matter of lost fees that needs to be discussed.  Additionally, suggesting that 1/2 the fee be retained............
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Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 5:48 PM
Subject: Plan Check

So what I gather so far is the people who subscribe to this list are dedicated professionals?I agree

Can someone please tell me how to help the owner/builder who pays a design professional for a set of drawings and calculations then cannot get any help to address their review comments???  If I help them (remember I am the plan reviewer) or direct them to the proper solution (and my goal is to help them get their permit) am I liable for any future failures?  This came up this week?the client called to ask for help on my review comments because the architect wanted to charge her $200/hour to address 12 review comments.  I asked her if she paid the designer in full?yes she did.  I asked her for what did they agree upon?drawings and calculations she said.  I told her it is between her and the designer and I cannot get caught in the middle. But I suggested to her (and to several people) pay half and the other half upon receipt of permit.  Then I told her to come in and we can work out some of the comments.  We worked out all but 4 and perhaps it?ll take less then an hour for the architect to complete.  Do you think this is fair?  Do you think I overstepped my authority?  I believe in fair compensation to the designer but wouldn?t you think the fee should include answering review comments?  And exclude change orders, field changes, and extras after the permit is issued.  Just wondering where to draw the line?Martin