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Re: allowable foundation and lateral pressure

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There does not seem to be similar footnote in the IBC.  It seems you use
what is in the table...period.

The one piece of "wiggle" room is section 1804.2 of the 2000 IBC states
"The maximum allowable foundation pressure, lateral pressure or lateral
sliding resistance values for supporting soils AT OR NEAR THE SURFACE
shall not exceed the values specified in Table 1804.2." (emphasis is mine)
This would seem to mean that if the footing bearing surface is somewhat
below the "surface", then a higher bearing pressure, etc could be used.

But, then one could just get a soil report, eh?  ;-)  It is rather
somewhat likely that the several thousand dollars spend on soil's testing
and a geotech report could be "recouped" in the potential savings of
foundation costs.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, Schwan, Martin K. wrote:

> I am wondering if someone could tell me if the IBC has a similar
> provision as found in the 1997 UBC table 18-I-A allowable foundation and
> lateral pressure, footnote 2.   Basically, for footings with a minimum
> 12" width and minimum depth of 12" and placed on natural grade, you
> could increase the allowable foundation pressure by 20% for each
> additional foot of width or depth up to a maximum value of 3X's the
> designated value.
> Thank you in advance for any information or direction...Martin in the
> land of increasing darkness.

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