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Re: Concrete Text Books

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Although the flow charts in the Nawy books are helpful, a lot of the examples do have errors and the text is (I think) pretty bad.   

I like the Nilson book,  I think my edition is about 94 or 95 ,  so there are some things that are out of date, but it is still usable for concepts, you just have to check the code for equations.  I also have  a book by Russel Fling, something like "A Practical Guide to Concrete Design" that I like,  about the same vintage,  so it might be available for a good price on one of the second hand sites.  I would recommend picking up a second hand Nilson book too, if you didn't want to invest in the new one.

Something else to look at is the new ACI 'Essential Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Buildings" - a simplied and illustrated ACI 318-02.  It covers a somewhat limited scope - buildings less than 5 stories,  10,000 sf per floor, various other limitations,  but it does do a very good job of presenting design basics. It seems like a pretty good book for someone who doesn't do concrete design very often, but once in a while, needs to do a small building.

Gail Kelley