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RE: Q: Flatness Tolerances for Residential Slab

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This old, out of date and was not for the public.

Per "Workmanship Guidelines" by State of California Contractors State
License Board, dated November 1982

"The guideline is intended to be a living document and a reference for the
Contractors State License Board staff. Changes and additions to his
Guideline, including references to building codes are anticipated."

"Workmanship Guidelines" "...pertains to residential construction..."

Chapter "Concrete"

deficiency #2 "Cracking of basement floor" Cracks exceeding 3/32" width or
1/16" in vertical displacement are considered excessive and unacceptable.

deficiency #4 "Uneven or Wavy floors"..."shall not...exceeding 1/4" over a
12' area provided the deviation is gradual. Deviation... visible to the eye
will be considered unacceptable.

deficiency #10 "Different elevations between slabs" Vertical displacement
between slabs should not be a hazard."

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