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Re: Horizontal bracing seismic provisions (AISC or IBC)

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Rick & Jake,

A fascinating question -- especially relevant for a building retrofit.  This
is because it may not be reasonable for the shear walls of an existing
building to be made the yielding component of a lateral load resisting

A yielding tension-only horizontal bracing system is not able to maintain
its ability to brace the building -- it would become loose after one
yielding cycle in each direction.

A horizontal truss in which the yielding occurs in the same members whether
tension or compression may be ideal.  But how do you design a member to
yield at the same load in compression and in tension, since the tension and
compression yield modes differ?  Perhaps a horizontal eccentric-braced-frame
type diaphragm or a horizontal moment frame is the answer.

Has anyone thought this through to a design solution?  If so I'd really like
to know about it.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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