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RE: double nut anchor bolts

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It appears that all you want to do is prevent the nut from backing off.  You
can specify a galvanized jam nut which is not as thick as a regular nut.  Or
you can mechanically deform the threads.  (Drive a punch into the threads at
the top of the nut)  I am not sure of the purpose of adding "torque" to the
nut.  Generally "torque" is used as an indirect way of providing tension on
the anchor bolt, but it is a very inaccurate method.  

Harold O. Sprague

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Subject: double nut anchor bolts

i have specified a double nut connection on a column base plate at 3/4" 
diameter anchor bolt embedded in concrete at a braced frame. grade of steel
bolt is A36, grade of steel base plates are A572 grade 50.  some of the
bolts do project far enough above the base plate to get a double nut.  i
heard that it is not acceptable to weld nuts to anchor bolts or base plates,

but wouldn't want to weld because all are galvanized.  is it acceptable to 
torque anchor bolt instead of using double nut, and what would acceptable

thanks in advance

paul franceschi

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