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Bolt question

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Title: Bolt question

Here's a question for you bolt experts out there.  I'm reviewing drawings for a crane supported on a steel structure.  Drawings show 2" diameter A325SC anchor bolts.  Looking in the steel manual, A325's only come in a size up to 1-1/2 inches.  Would it be appropriate to use a 2" diameter A449 bolt for this application? 

One of my concerns is the vibration associated with the crane.  I'm guessing the engineer wanted a slip critical bolt for the pretensioning.  Are all A449 bolts pretensioned?  If not, do you just indicate them on drawings with "pretensioned A449 bolt"?  Is the pretensioning of an A449 similar to A325's and A490's at 70% of min tensile strength?

Los Angeles, CA