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RE: Masonry lap splice

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I was very surprised also and mentioned it to several other engineers. Effectively, it will prevent engineers from using bars larger than #5's.
I can see requiring the larger laps when the bar is close to the face of the masonry, but not when it is in the center of the wall.
Will this force us to use couplers or provide confining reinforcement when we have large bars?
Jim K.
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Subject: Masonry lap splice

What's the reaction to IBC '03, Section 2107.2.3, Equation 21-2, which modifies ACI 530-02, w/ a new masonry lap splice equation? This can nearly double, for example, the lap length for a #6 bar to nearly six feet! This is not yet in ACI 530.1-02, where the 40/48 bar diameter rule still holds. My understanding from NCMA is that the change was prompted by adverse test results, but it seems like an impractical overkill and I have never heard of any lap splice problems to warrant a change.
Retain Pro will be issuing a patch to cover this option when using IBC '03.
But what's going on?
Hugh Brooks, SE