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Beam Bearing Stiffeners

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Reference the AISC ASD, 9th edition:

Section K1.4 (web crippling) states that if stiffeners are provided and extend at least 1/2 web depth then Eqns K1-4 & K1-5 need not be checked.


In section K1.8 there is a sequence of statements saying "If required by Sect's K1.2, K1.3 or eqn K1-9, stiffeners need not extend more than 1/2 the depth of the web, except as follows:"


"If stiffeners are required by Sects. K1.4 or K1.6, the stiffeners shall be designed as axially compressed columns in accordance with sect E2 with an effective length = 0.75h, ...."


My question is this, if sections K1.3 indicates stiffener is need than is ½ depth fine and will it satisfy section K1.4.  Or do I need also to check K1.4 and if eqn K1-4 or K1-5 indicated a stiffener is needed, do the comments in section K1.8 imply the need for a full depth stiffener to meet web crippling requirements?


For my case, stiffeners are required only for K1.3 or K1.4.  The other sub-sections in Chapter K are either not applicable or indicate no stiffener required. 



Ricky LeBlanc

KBR Offshore