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Blind Fasteners for Structural Applications

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I am trying to attach a vertical stiffener to the thin wall (12 ga) of a 22' dia silo, 50' above the ground. The stiffener is a 1/4" thick double angle carrying a vertical load of 10k to the silo wall by shear through the fastener. Access to the interior is undesirable, as is welding. I am specifying Huck BOM (Blind Oversize Mechanical) Fasteners : ( ). These are very similar to a blind rivet and are primarily used in mechanical or transportation (rail car/truck body) applications. I know of no situations where these have been used in building structure applications.

Has anyone experience with these fasteners - are they acceptable in this application? I would feel better with a bolt with ASTM specs and resistance values for backup.

Is it acceptable to design as a bearing bolt. They appear to work very well at compressing the attached components together and hence work as a slip-critical connection, but codes only make reference to A325 or A490 bolts for friction type connections.

Don Vickers

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