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Re: Column located on 4" existing concrete slab

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I believe this will be OK, especially if you can distribute the load a little by using a base plate of about 6"x6"- if the slab is on reasonably stable compacted soil.
If you need to calc. it to satisfy the building dept., I have successfully used concrete pavement techniques. For example a 6" concrete pavement can support 8 kip wheel loads if on decent subgrade.
Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA
On Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:37:53 -0800 (PST) ken kirkland <kenmail234(--nospam--at)> writes:

I have a balcony size 14'x4' supported by two column.  I estimate about 700# D+L loads will transfer to 4x4 post.
Can I place this column on top existing concrete about 4" thick?  If not, what is the correct procedure.

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