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RE: Atlantic City Garage Collapse

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The system was developed in Europe where it is widely used today.  Mid-States Filigree (based in New Jersey) has done tons of garages in Atlantic City.  They have been a very good technically competent company.  The system was widely used in Chicago and St. Louis in the 1980's through Midwest Filigree which was based in Chicago.  Midwest Filigree moved to the Kansas City area in the late 1980's and built many structures with mixed success.  The mixed success was due to poor technical support and management problems.  The system theory is sound.  It is the thought behind the engineering that can make it sink or swim.

Harold O. Sprague

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Atlantic City Garage Collapse


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What is "Filligree" system? 

Look at:




As far as I know, it is only used in the Deleware / Philadephia / Atlantic City locals.  At least I have never heard anyone else talk about it.


Gail Kelley