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Something to be VERY aware of is the format for the SE II is changing in the
near future.  I believe as soon as next spring's test.

Instead of two long and involved problems (one morning, one afternoon), you
get 4 not-quite-as long and involved problems (two morning, two afternoon).

The object was to be more fair to engineers who specialize in one particular
material.  For example, if a steel specialist got one concrete and one wood
problem on the old SE II, he was screwed.

Now he'll get at least one steel related problem.

The NCEES web site should have more information, and I know they'll be
publishing a "sample problem" booklet as a study guide.  As I understand it,
the problems will be similar, just shorter.

Good luck to all who take the test in the future, and belated good luck to
all who took it last weekend :)

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.
816-444-9655 (FAX)
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I didn't take it, but having taken the SEII, I'll mention that the SEAOC
Seismic Design Vols I, II, III are worthwhile for all the basic stuff.

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