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soil-pile-structure interaction

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In Seismic Design Categories D, E, and F, the 2000 and
2003 IBCs require piles supporting buildings to
"withstand" curvatures from free-field soil strains
modified for soil-pile-structure (SPS) interaction,
coupled with pile deformation induced by structure
inertia. (2003 para 1808.

This requirement can be satisfied with an (expensive)
time-history analysis of a finite element model of the
soil, pile, and structure.  Alternatively, FEMA 369
has a very simple (cheap) approach to free-field
curvature, but it doesn't include SPS interaction or
inertia, and it is only appropriate for homogenous

Does anyone know of different approaches (of only
moderate complexity and cost) have been used to
satisfy this IBC requirement?

Also, how have code officials been interpreting the
word "withstand"?  Have they required essentially
elastic response, or have they allowed ductility
response greater than one (perhaps depending on
structure and pile material type, similar to
TR-2069-SHR and ASCE Monograph No. 12 for port

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