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Off Topic - Thank you.

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To Roger Turk and others,

        Several months ago I posted a request for assistance in finding
missing class mates for a 40th anniversary reunion.  The reunion was
held early in October and it was a smashing success thanks in part to

        Thank you for your assistance.

        Our Civil Engineering 1963 class was the largest single group in
attendance at the formal banquet which was open to all graduates from
all faculties.  Although everyone did not attend the banquet we had 57
for the class photographs; 6 had deceased, which left us with about 75%
attendance.  As an aside, the oldest person in attendance at the banquet
was an engineer from the Class of '31.

        Some interesting statistics: of those who submitted biographies
for the bio book virtually all expressed satisfaction with their choice
of career and would not have done things differently; virtually all have
been married to the same woman for more than 35 years.

        The most impressive statistics, however, relate to the
University of Alberta itself.  Forty years ago there were about four
hundred students in Engineering and about five thousand total students.
Now there are about four thousand students in Engineering and fifty
thousand total students; the ratio is approximately the same.  The total
number of people on campus, including support staff etc. has now reached
ninety thousand!  If it were separated from the City of Edmonton the
University of Alberta would be about the third or fourth largest city in
Alberta!  While we were at the reunion they had a ground breaking
ceremony for a new Centre for Nano-Technology to be operated in
co-operation with the National Research council of Canada.

        Anyway, I am rambling. most readers aren't interested.

        Thanks again to all who assisted.


H. Daryl Richardson

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