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Re: Staples for Shear-resisting Panels [was: Nail embedments]

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Ed Diekmann was a great believer in the use of staples for shearwall repair work.  Consequently, quite a bit of it was/is used in the S.F. Bay area. Ed had a lot of test background & was greatly respected.
Chcuk Utzman,P.E.

Nels Roselund, SE wrote:
I've use the 2001 NDS to determine the capacities of 15/32" plywood with 14 ga staples using the rules of Section 11.3, Lateral Design Values for Dowel-Type Fasteners, based on Section 11.1.7, Other Dowel-Type Fasteners.  My values are close to the values in Table 20 of National Evaluation Report NER 272.  [My values are lower than the NER if I use a duration factor of 1.33, higher if I use 1.6].  This seems to me to be ample justification for using staples -- the NER Report [published jointly by ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI Evaluation Services] is currently the closest available thing to an ICC Report.  The NDS is the ICC-recognized standard for design of timber connections.
If this is not enough justification, I would expect the checker to be able to show the reason by citing the Code Section.
I believe that the avoidance of splitting is a justification for using staples instead of common nails that carries more weight than Code compliance -- what good is Code compliance if it results in a damaged assembly?
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA