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Re: Special Inspection

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Lest anyone be concerned for my client,  the project I am involved in was built under the 1994 Standard Building Code,  which did not require Special Inspection for anything except structures in Seismic Performance Categories C,D, and E.  The project was a "B". Also,  my participation is with reference to the post-tensioning,  not the concrete testing.
I am just curious about people's general understanding/use/experience with inspections.  Particularly in post-tensioning, there are a lot of misunderstandings,  primarily to do with terminology.  Llitigation work sometimes involves spending hours discussing things that seem obvious.  On the plus side, the time is all billable.  On the minus side, it is really not very rewarding.  The problems often stem from the fact that specifications written for a project in one part of the country are used somewhere else.
For example,  I am looking at a (not very good) PTI publication, done by someone from California, that states "A deputy inspector is required for each stressing crew."  This does not seem to refer to a building department inspector.