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Rebar Tension Lap Splice in frame columns

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Per CBC 2001- section 1921.2 the development of deformed bars in tension shall be calculated by either section 1921.2.2 or section 1921.2.3.
Due to low clear story height design limitations, section 1921.2.3 is preffered in order to maintain lap lengths within the middle half of the column height. This section (1921.2.3) gives reduced values due to the #4 ties at 4" o/c transverse reinforcing provided along the entire column height. This is definately acceptable when the column is in flexure with portion of the column section in tension and the rest in compression.
The big question is when their is net tension in a frame column (when the entire section is in tension) should the Atr terminology in the Ktr equation (considering potential plane of splitting) be equal to zero or can we still take credit for the provided transverse reinforcement.
The development lengths obtained from the above mentioned sections are modified per section 1921.15.1 by x1.3 in order to obtain Class B lap splice.
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