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Re: CA SE / SE2

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Title: Re: CA SE / SE2

I also took the SE2 test a few weeks ago in Illinois. I was also dismayed at the restrictive calculator policy as well as the fact that they only allowed three or four specific calculators. They fact that they only notified the candidates two weeks prior to the test of the calculator models that were admissible was also an example of the poor management of the NCEES tests.  Then despite the press releases and the rhetoric I think I saw a number of illegal calculators in the test (I can't really be sure as . It appears that the NCEES is not enforcing it's own calculator restrictions.

As to the changes in the test, because I have only the seismic portion to pass, I resent having to now sit for an 8 hour test. I find it unfair that the results of the portion of the test that I have already passed are being cavalierly discarded. I complained to the NCEES and did not receive a complete explanation. This surprised me as I am a member of the NCEES. Obviously, membership in this organization doesn't mean much. To be fair I should point out that I did receive an e-mail from the customer service manager who answered part of my concerns. He punted my remaining concerns to someone else's department who he said would be contacting me. I have yet to hear from them.

Jonathan Meyer, P.E.