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Re: CA PE with regards to WA PE

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The one thing to be at least a little careful is that some state are REAL
sticklers about getting the WHOLE 4 years before you take the PE exam.  I
remeber someone telling about an instance where they got their license in
Minnesota.  The state board let them take the exam with something like 3
years 10 months.  They passed and got their PE license.  Some 10+ years
later, this person needed to get their license by reciprocity in North
Dakota (if I recall correctly), but ND said that this person had to
re-take the PE exam because they did not have the FULL four years of
experience when they took it the first time.

So, if you run into a state licensing board that thinks along those lines,
then taking the PE exam in CA could cause some problems if want
reciprocity.  I would suspect that in most cases it would not be a problem
once you did have your 4 years of experience, but I would likely play it
safe.  While the PE exam is not too terribly difficult, I personally would
rather not have to take it again.

As to your question, I don't really know.  I would assume that you just go
back and take the particular exam that you failed.  This would make sense
as I doubt they will make me take the PE exam again along with the
surveying and seismic exam when I apply.

As to PE review courses, also look to your local NSPE chapters and SEAW.
They might offer PE review courses.  I am pretty sure that SEAW offers
review courses for the Struct exams for the SE license.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Seth W. Cutler wrote:

> That does bring up an interesting question.  I don't think you can sit for
> the CA structural without the 5 hr add'l exam.  Even if you do take the
> Struct. II and Struct. III up here in WA I think you still have to take the
> surveying portion down in CA to get commity/reciprocity.  Maybe someone
> else has that info.
> Now, on my original question, I was asking if you could pass the CA Civil
> PE in parts.  Between the NCEES exam and the add'l tests.  I'm trying to
> figure out my risk in going down to CA to take the exam and pass the NCEES
> exam but don't pass the surveying in particular.  Would I have to fly back
> to take just the serveying portion or all of it.  Or could I just wait till
> I was qualified in WA and submit my score from the NCEES exam I took in CA.
> Thank you, Tom and Jack for your insight so far.  I've been thinking about
> this on and off for a year now and I'm finally down to making a decision in
> the next month.
> If any of you have heard, does anyone besides ASCE offer review courses for
> Civil PE?  Preferably up here in WA.
> Thanks again,
> Seth
> At 11:59 AM 11/7/2003, you wrote:
> >Seth: If you can sit for the civil in WA next October, you can sit for the
> >CA civil this spring (if they still offer it twice a year). This way you
> >can hit your boss up for a raise sooner.  I have both WA and CA structural
> >licenses.  Most of my work is out of state.  The CA license is accepted
> >most places, the WA is not so recognized.  The main issue should be can
> >you sit for the CA structural with a WA civil.
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> >Sent: Friday, November 07, 2003 11:06 AM
> >Subject: CA PE with regards to WA PE
> >
> >ok, after all this talk about the license exams I have a question.  I'm
> >currently an EIT up here in WA and will qualify to sit up here for my PE
> >next October.  I have been debating whether I should take the CA PE in
> >April and then get comity or equiv. up here in WA.
> >
> >One issue that came up is to get the CA Civil PE license I would have to
> >take the NCEES 8-hour Civil PE exam plus the addional 5 hrs for
> >seismic/surveying.  In WA I would only need to take the NCEES 8-hour Civil
> >PE exam.
> >
> >Is the CA Civil PE license Pass/Fail including the seismic/surveying?  Is
> >it possilbe to pass the NCEES exam and not the following exams.  Could I
> >then take the results from the NCEES exam and use that to get my WA PE license?
> >
> >Just trying to look at all the angles.  One concern I have up here is that
> >they keep changing the exam requirments up here in WA and I'm getting sick
> >of the changes.  I'm also concerned they're going to change to the IBC for
> >code stuff instead of the UBC which would really annoy me.  Or if the CA
> >one switches to NFPA.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Seth

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