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RE: SE Test

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Dennis –


Not to worry, my bubble burst a long time ago :o).


The point I was making about AZ is that they are more restrictive of who can do what. Civils do civil engineering, Structurals do structural engineering and Architects do architecture. What a concept!


With regards to using the AZ designation of “structural engineer” and applying to a CA project, I’ve seen this before. I once saw drawings prepared by a person licensed as a WA SE and as a CA PE. He prepared plans for a project in CA and, in the title block, called himself “ABC Consulting Structural Engineers, Inc., Joe Blow, Structural Engineer” or something to that effect. I reported this to BORPELS and they told me that if he’s recognized in his home state as a Structural Engineer then he can call himself a structural engineer here in CA. Throw that in with the many architectural firms I have run across who use the phrase “ABC Architects and Engineers”, “ABC A&E”, “ABC, Inc. Architecture and Engineering”, ad nausea even when they don’t have a PE on their staff and I just concluded that we get what we deserve.




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I don’t want to bust your bubble,