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Re: CA PE with regards to WA PE

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I'm in Nevada and engineers here regularly take the CA PE because we can take it a full 2 years before we even meet the experience requirements in NV. The test has 3 parts as you mentioned and you can pass any one of the three parts separately (NCEES, Seismic or Surveying). There's also a take home ethics/board rules exam. The Seismic and Surveying tests are each 2.5 hour and are multiple choice. In general, you have to move at a rapid fire pace to get the stuff done and pass... fast paced, but doable.

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Subject: Re: CA PE with regards to WA PE
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 12:14:25 -0800

That does bring up an interesting question. I don't think you can sit for the CA structural without the 5 hr add'l exam. Even if you do take the Struct. II and Struct. III up here in WA I think you still have to take the surveying portion down in CA to get commity/reciprocity. Maybe someone else has that info.

Now, on my original question, I was asking if you could pass the CA Civil PE in parts. Between the NCEES exam and the add'l tests. I'm trying to figure out my risk in going down to CA to take the exam and pass the NCEES exam but don't pass the surveying in particular. Would I have to fly back to take just the serveying portion or all of it. Or could I just wait till I was qualified in WA and submit my score from the NCEES exam I took in CA.

Thank you, Tom and Jack for your insight so far. I've been thinking about this on and off for a year now and I'm finally down to making a decision in the next month.

If any of you have heard, does anyone besides ASCE offer review courses for Civil PE? Preferably up here in WA.

Thanks again,

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Seth: If you can sit for the civil in WA next October, you can sit for the CA civil this spring (if they still offer it twice a year). This way you can hit your boss up for a raise sooner. I have both WA and CA structural licenses. Most of my work is out of state. The CA license is accepted most places, the WA is not so recognized. The main issue should be can you sit for the CA structural with a WA civil.
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Subject: CA PE with regards to WA PE

ok, after all this talk about the license exams I have a question. I'm currently an EIT up here in WA and will qualify to sit up here for my PE next October. I have been debating whether I should take the CA PE in April and then get comity or equiv. up here in WA.

One issue that came up is to get the CA Civil PE license I would have to take the NCEES 8-hour Civil PE exam plus the addional 5 hrs for seismic/surveying. In WA I would only need to take the NCEES 8-hour Civil PE exam.

Is the CA Civil PE license Pass/Fail including the seismic/surveying? Is it possilbe to pass the NCEES exam and not the following exams. Could I then take the results from the NCEES exam and use that to get my WA PE license?

Just trying to look at all the angles. One concern I have up here is that they keep changing the exam requirments up here in WA and I'm getting sick of the changes. I'm also concerned they're going to change to the IBC for code stuff instead of the UBC which would really annoy me. Or if the CA one switches to NFPA.


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