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I have started to respond to H1b threads on several occasions, but for one 
reason or another decided not to send the response.

Do we forget that this is a nation of immigrants?  All of us, including the 
Native Americans, came from somewhere else.  Maybe our ancestors came because 
they were explorers; maybe they came because this was a land of opportunity, 
maybe they came because they were oppressed in their native country.

I am a second generation American.  My grandparents came to this country in 
the late 1800's from Lithuania, Poland and Germany for the same reasons that 
people before and after have come here.  I welcome people who are courageous 
enough (or oppressed enough) to come to a country whose language is foreign 
and whose customs are strange to make a new life for themselves, their 
family, and particularly their children.

No matter how skilled or learned our new immigrants may have been in their 
country of origin, they have to start anew here.  Many have had to take 
menial jobs until they learned the language, customs or procedures that were 
all too familiar to them in their native county.  They are willing to work 
for low wages because of the opportunities that await them.

How can we forget that we, who have been born here, have spent more than 20 
years learning the English language, yet many of us still are not competent 
in expressing ourselves, cannot spell correctly, use incorrect words and 
cannot punctuate or capitalize correctly.  Why do we fault people who have 
only been here a few years for making what may be literal translations into 

I, for one, welcome these newcomers to the USA, the land of opportunity, and 
wish them the greatest success as many of those who have preceded them have 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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