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Re: Canandian Concrete Code Question

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Re: CAN/CSA-A23.1-00/A23.2-00
I do have a copy, and responses follow :

GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

Hopefully some easy questions for someone who has the document:
CAN/CSA-A23.1-00/A23.2-00 Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete Construction/Methods of Test for Concrete. I am guessing that testing for surface tolerances (flatness and levelness) are in A23.2. Is this correct?

Not so. - A23.2 appears to define the properties of concrete and its components - not too much on placement methods and tolerances. Surface tolerances for slabs are given in A23.1 Sections 10 and 22. A bit academic since A23.1/A23.2 are combined into one document.
Also, I think that at one point (the 1994 version), this document included discussion of the Waviness Index as well as F-numbers. Questions: Does it still include the Waviness Index?

Three methods are covered :

Section 22.1.2 Straightedge Method
Section 22.1.3 F-Number Method (references ASTM E1155M)
Section 22.1.4 Waviness Method (references ASTM E1486M)
Table 19 defines limits for all three methods depending on the use or application of the slab.

Is the Waviness Index ever used (to anyone's knowledge) to measure tolerances?

Don't use it myself.

    Does A23.3 also include straightedge tolerances?

Yes - See above - from Table 19
±8 mm for  Class A - Industrial and Commercial Floors
±5 mm for Class B - Floors with thin floor coverings and light forklifts.
- marked N/A for Class C & D - heavy duty industrial or specialized floors.

    Also, how often does this document get revised?

New issue about every 5-6 years. Revisions and updates as required. Last rev. I have is June 2001.

Is the Canadian Standards Association similar to ACI where documents are written by people who get together twice a year to argue the fine points of literature?

Covered by Paul Ransom's response.

Gail Kelley

Hope this is of some help.

Don Vickers

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