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RE: Outsourcing - Part I (was Sick Profession) a response to Stan Caldwell

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I generally try to ignore your posts, but this one was hard to ignore since you stuck my name in the subject!  I will probably regret this, but my brief comments are inserted below in blue.
Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
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Subject: Outsourcing - Part I (was Sick Profession) a response to Stan Caldwell

I started this thread because I read Stan Caldwell’s response to Ed Tornberg’s post on our Sick Profession. I happen to agree with Ed – we are in trouble but most of us do not realize it yet. Most of you are nine to five engineers. 


Dennis, do you really believe that anyone reading this list works a straight 9 to 5 shift?  Heck, it takes longer than that just reading the posts each day!


You look forward to your family and your hobbies away from the office. There is nothing wrong with this and it is exactly what I did while my kids were growing. However, like politics, it is our responsibility to stay informed and to understand the issues that affect us. If we let these issues pass us buy or trust that those in responsible positions in the associations that we pay dues to belong, then we are acting irresponsible.  


Dennis, exactly what professional organizations do you currently pay dues to?  Which ones are you actively involved in? 


Some of those who have control are the ones who are creating the policies or taking the jobs away from Americans and seeking out lower income employees that relinquish responsibility to pay benefits or to maximize profits as all other sources of cut-backs have occurred from 1974 to the present. 


Dennis, it's not like you to beat around the bush!  Who are these dirty, rotten people?  Why not go ahead and name them?


I highly recommend that each of you visit the H-1B database at  ... Stan has not hired an H-1B for a few years (or his company Halff and Associates has not)


Dennis, I don't mind when you and others trash me, but when you trash my family or my company, I take offense.  First, it is Halff Associates, not Halff and Associates.  According to your link, Halff hired five H-1B workers in January, 1999, and employed them for less than two years.  None of these individuals were structural engineers.  They were recent BSCE recipients, hired temporarily into our various general civil groups at the wage rates then prevailing.  When their visas expired, they left our employment and returned to their countries of origin, plain and simple.  Halff has not hired any engineers with H-1B visas since that time, does not currently employ any engineers with H-1B visas, and has adopted a policy not to do so.


In the spirit of full disclosure, I should confess that I did hire one structural engineer on a temporary visa.  He does not appear on your link.  Juan came highly recommended from a professor at UT-Austin.  He was a Mexican national who was just finishing up his MS degree.  At the time, Halff was enjoying the fruits of NAFTA and designing projects throughout Mexico.  I badly needed to supplement my staff with an engineer who both spoke the language and knew the customs.  Also, I had an idea that I could train Juan and then send him to Mexico to work on some our projects down there.  I hired Juan in March, 1998, contingent upon the terms of his work permit.  To my surprise, that work permit expired in February, 1999, with his training far from complete.  Juan promptly left Halff, returned to Mexico, and has remained there.  He was my "Juan and Only" structural H-1B.   




Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.

Product of Scotland, 1850