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RE: Outsourcing - Part I (was Sick Profession) a response to Stan Caldwell

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Let me be clear...I consider what I mentioned in my other post to be just
ONE tool in a bag of many that can be used when work loading changes and
becomes difficult.  I also consider H1-B to also be a useful tool in that
same bag (_IF_ used properly and as intended, but not abused as it is many
times).  Another tool is one that you have raised here and when lamenting
about the committees working methods in the code development process...the
use of internet and other long distance tools to allow remote engineers to
provide assistance.  But, this last can also be abused just as the H1-B
visa system can.  How many companies/clients do you think have "farmed"
their work overseas to cheaper labor pools but keep them part of the
design team by long distance tools such as the internet (email,
collabortive websites, etc) and faxes?  Do this mean that we should get
rid of the internet or at least disallow its use for long distance working
relationships?  Nope (at least not in my opinion).  It is just a tool to
help deal with fluctuations in the work load, but like any tool, it can be
used in a good or bad way.  Such is also true for H1-B visas.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Dennis Wish wrote:

> We have the resources to pool our needs as Scott mentioned in another
> post and I believe we should be forming committees to figure out how to
> do this without bringing another professionals business down.
> Dennis S. Wish PE

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