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H1-B -Abusers

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I went to the website Dennis posted for H1-B hires. One of the biggest engineering firms for Tract Homes in Northern CA has had 6 to 7 H1-b employee hires with all making 35,000 or less per year. Some are listed as “Structural Engineer”. CLA (Chien Lee Associates ) should be ashamed of themselves ! This is in San Jose, CA-Silicon Valley, where the cost of living is right there with San Francisco and New York City. Way to go you cheapskates !!!  


I found my friend’s hire data, 46 grand for him, better than I was getting before I got my PE license (pretty sad for 4 years of college and a MS degree though) … but now things are much better…. Gotta have ownership to live semi-comfortably in this line of work.


I’ll never forget the day I got my first engineering job… my dad almost killed me when I told him what I was going to make. All of his employees, with no education, would be making nearly double what I would. He thought I was a terrible negotiator, but I told him it was the going rate (about what Stan was hiring for his recent grad) of course, mine was in 1995 four years earlier.


Maybe collusion isn’t such a bad thing…. seems to have worked well for power, oil, medical insurance, and cable companies. I even think oil companies have these little “accidents” or supply shortages purposely to jack up the price of gas. It’s all just a big conspiracy by The Man.


Our profession is in trouble. Fees are too low making compensation too low to attract new generations from this country. When I graduated from college, there were 42 civil engineers in my graduating class (went to a school with 5,000 undergrads)… last year, 7 grads in civil engineering….


How much would you charge for a new 1 story warehouse building (say 30,000 square feet) in a seismic zone 4, on conventional spread/strip footings, with a design-build panelized roof?  Inquiring minds wanna know?




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