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RE: Wind loads

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I searched the archives for Jason's (?) post about horizontal wind loads on the vertical roof projection, and I had not luck. If anyone can sum it up or has it, could you repost and CC me? Otherwise I will have to skim through 100 H1-B posts to get to the good stuff... :)
I looked and they all say the same thing:
"ASCE 7-98, FBC/ IBC:   Wind load to be used in the design of the MWFRS for an enclosed or partially enclosed building or other structure shall not be less then 10psf X the area of the building or structure projected onto a vertical plane normal to the assumed wind direction."
But with the exception of ASCE, they say to use "0" in the tables when the roof pressure is negative. This conflicts with what is says earlier in the same chapter.
I favor the 10psf interpretation, seems logical and conservative enough. I would like to hear what others are doing and their opinion.

Andrew Kester, EI

PS Does everyone recieve the list with tons of formatting and gobbly-gook between each post? I am wearing out my scroll button reading the list! I have tried several email formats to no avail.....