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First, let me point out that I forgot a "not" in the part that you quoted
from should be between the "are" and "exploiting" toward the end
of the sentance.  Otherwise, I would be advocating that the government is
there to MAKE sure that companie do exploit people.  Ah, no...

As to the myth notion...sorry, not quite.  While I am sure that many
companies take good care of their workers, here or abroad, there are
definitely companies that cut corners and exploit their workers.  While
such a story may not have all the facts, there was a report on some news
magazine shop (like 60 Minutes or PrimeTime, etc) about the business of
recycling ships/demolishing them.  The story was about how these old ships
are taken to a location in India, where workers demolish them for scrap
using very low tech tools with little or no safety protections.  There are
many accidents and deaths there according to this report, but the people
still come because it pays MUCH better than "typical" work.  There are
other examples.

The point is that it is not a myth.  There _ARE_ companies that abuse the
system and exploit people (both foreign workers and American workers at
home).  Like it or not, there are people who don't care about others and
only care about making money (and power).  Many live here in the US and
many live in other places in the world.  That is why I believe government
is supposed to be there to try to protect the rest of us from them.
Unfortunately, the government fails to do so many times, sometimes due to
lack of effort or mistakes, but also due to complicity.  In an ideal
world, this would not be necessary...everyone would operate with good ol'
pure capitalistic ways with out taking short cuts and exploiting people.
But, this world is FAR from ideal.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003, Shafat Qazi wrote:

> At 11/11/2003 12:03 AM, you wrote:
> >The role of government is to insure
> >that there is a level playing field (at least in my opinion) and that
> >companies are exploiting people just to improve the bottom line.
> Scott:
> This is the biggest myth I have heard. I have visited quite a few offshore
> offices and factories and therefore what I know is first-hand. The fact is
> in all cases (that I know of) the employees are treated with higher
> standards than you can imagine. The nationals of those countries consider
> themselves fortunate working with these foreign companies.
> The biggest attraction for a US company to setup a factory/office in a
> foreign country is that the overall cost of living in those countries is
> lower. e.g. In India you can buy your groceries for the whole year of less
> than $100. Buy a house for $20,000 etc. That is a fact!
> Shafat

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