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Pointing out the obvious:

Most of us, or our ancestors, "made it in" under a uniform set of rules.

H1B is a legitimate subject of debate, but as long as someone is here under
the law--which H1Bers certainly are--then they have a right to be here. That
doesn't mean however, that Dennis or anyone else can't find fault with those
rules and try to change them. That's the way our system works.

OTOH, there are a great many, including students and others who were once
here "legally" but are now present in this country with expired visas, etc.
They are ILLEGALLY here, and if they are hired as an employee, that employer
is breaking the LAW. The same system that allows H1Bers and others here as
"guests" prohibits their presence.

I am sick of hearing how we need to accommodate criminal activity. And yes,
that includes all politicos, without respect to party, who think we should
suddenly "legitimize" those who happened to run out the clock, lurking here
illegally until amnesty.

Don't give me that tripe about "unless you're a native American..." I AM a
native American; I was BORN here (which is the definition of the word
"native"). My earliest ancestors on this continent arrived in the 1640s.

Not sure what the criteria are for "acceptance" by the politically correct,
but just because a bunch of people happened to inhabit this place earlier
than that doesn't make their descendants any more legitimate than I am,
particularly as we have, since that time, established a nation with laws
under which we all "native" or "immigrant" or whatever, consent to live.

And it is THAT SYSTEM of laws and governance that are at issue, not some
namby-pamby leftist bilge-water about "nativity."

I am on the fence insofar as H1B is concerned. Personally, I think offshore
outsourcing is more of a "threat" (if "threat" there truly is) than legal
immigration by whatever means. And even that is, IMO, simply one more
passing fad among many.

I still believe in the invisible hand.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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...unless you're carrying a lot of Native American blood, I have a
hard time with an attitude that amounts to "I made it in; quick, close
the door."  We are a nation of immigrants. 

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