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RE: foreigners... gotta love them

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I think God was on vacation during Clinton's presidency, but now he's
back in his booth calling all the plays for W, just like he did for Dad,
Ron, Gerry, & Tricky Dick ....  oh wait, Nancy and the local Crystal
Ball called the plays for Ron.

Limbaugh/Scarborough/O'Reilly/Hannity/Savage are all shills by your
definition. One is a drug addict and knows little about football.

I think Bill Maher summed it up best when he predicted (paraphrased):
He wouldn't be surprised if during W's acceptance speech, the double
doors to the arena will open and Osama and Saddam will be lead in chains
down to the podium and thrown to the ground in front of W so he can
scold them to get that extra boost in the polls. He will then rip off
his suit (like Frank Drebben in Naked Gun in the bedroom with Pricilla
Pressly) to reveal his Flight Suit he wore from his publicity stunt
earlier this year.

Then Arnold will tie them up to the back of his Hummer and drag them
around the parking lot. Then he will go back to CA and cancel approval
of NFPA5000 and the car tax. I actually think he will do a good job (no
sarcasm here).

Make up stories about Jessica Lynch (Sad the way she was exploited not
to mention her real ordeal), make up links btwn Saddam and Al Quaida,
get 87 Billion to pay haliburton, but give only 3 million to FEMA to
help out San Diego.

Your right, Clinton was the worst president since Harding.  

That's my political jab for the winter. Now I will go back to the bunker
and take your abuse quietly.

Politicians suck.
That's all I have to say about that one...

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