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Jobs vs. political parties

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Okay, many of us are getting unglued, but I have to put my $1.00 into this pot as I think we need to stop passing the blame back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. The loss of work, outsourcing, H-1B, H-2B, L-2 and all other forms of wage dumping is due to the support of both parties in the creation of the World Trade Organization and the support of Globalization. Whose to blame – the multinational companies that manipulate countries to obtain lower wages and higher profits and we allowed it to happen. You and I – together, we did not do enough to stop it and the future is not going to be as rosy unless you own a company and have no scruples about who you hire and do so in order to force wages down.


I said it before – Globalization will not work without one country losing jobs and losing assets in the process. Don’t blame Clinton and don’t blame Bush – Democrats and Republicans were nearly unanimous in this areas that we might have to give up a little to gain a lot – we the stats show that we have gained nothing but higher unemployment or retraining for new work at 18 to 20% less than we earned on the previous jobs.


The only thing left is to stop this partisanship and come to terms with what is most important to the United States and that is the people in the United States who are hear legally. We blame the company instead of the individuals and this is where we get hurt. If you want to make some accountable for failure then go to the multi-national company and hold the CEO and CFO accountable. Hold the stockholders accountable, but don’t blame it on the unions or on the workers. Sure the unions are corrupted but they were there to help the workers before they became corrupt.


Some of you say keep government out of business, but we are in this position because government let multinational companies – actually let companies started in this country and later merged with companies in other countries move their offices outside the US and seek manufacturing labor elsewhere for a dime on the dollar. Former Ambassador to China James Sasser admits that General Motors can earn $1,000.00 profit per car assembled in China while the same product assembled in America yields only $50.00 profit. However, the labor statistics show that the workers standard of living has not improved as his cost for food, housing and utilities have increased as well. When the profit for each car drops, will GM move to South America or Africa or maybe the Middle East?


There’s been so much bitching and moaning as to which party is to blame for our troubles when the answer is clear – bureaucrats from both sides created the problem without the approval of the public. Multi-national companies lobbied too strong for the individual to be stopped and while Bush is as Global as Clinton, both believe that we, the middle class in our society should bear the burden for how may years until the field level. Yeah! Right ! Tell this to my mortgage holder when I can’t make a payment.


Okay! I’m through. The truth is that I can make my payments and I can say that I have done well. I don’t look at how much I can earn – I judge whether or not I can be comfortable without debt and if the answer is yes then I have accomplished my goal. But I don’t want to be blind to the truth that abuse of the labor market exists and it is and will continue to scrape away at the structural engineering profession as it has in all other professions.


Just don’t be apathetic and don’t be blind to the truth. When you do vote, start voting for those who care about your needs rather than General Motors or Wal-Mart.


Dennis S. Wish PE (for as long as it lasts)